IORMA & UKTI Partnership Encouraging UK Trade and Investment

12月 13 2013

As a member of the IORMA Advisory Board, it's great to see how the IORMA and UKTI partnership is encouraging British based businesses to grow overseas. As the following release details, IORMA and UKTI will be helping UK-based businesses to utilise over sixty digital malls across the world, in order to deliver export growth in the retail, creative, food and drink industries - and it's an initiative that we at SEKO wholeheartedly support.

Digital malls are part of UKTI’s global e-retail strategy to accelerate the international growth for SMEs, brands and retailers. IORMA is now working with UKTI to help UK based businesses use over sixty digital malls worldwide, and get the most from them, in the new UKTI series of GREAT Weeks throughout 2014.

The GREAT Weeks series is a programme designed to deliver export growth for the retail, luxury creative and food and drink industries. The programme includes weeks of high profile promotional programmes for UK companies and business events in key high growth markets across the world. These include:

Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, UAE, USA, Vietnam

Each GREAT Week will promote at least three industries with complementary audiences at the same time, to give and intense burst of activity and media visibility. The events will use the collective resources and talents of both Government and business to create a concentrated burst of activity, drawing attention and opportunity in key cities. Through face-to-face meetings, briefings with local experts, networking events, seminars, product showcases and site visits, UK companies will gain the knowledge and confidence to do business successfully in these exciting markets around the world.

Full details, including how to book your place, are available on the GREAT Weeks website.

An achievable step forward to selling globally

In an increasingly borderless trading environment, growing your business at home and overseas often means using an approach that uses the full range of digital and non-digital channels. Retail is evolving fast and digital malls are the most significant new type of channel to emerge in recent years. They offer a new type of sales channel that is trusted by consumers and the operators understand the requirements of brand owners.

“The very significant commercial opportunities for UK retailers and brands selling goods and services to consumers in these vast and valuable markets will greatly benefit from this UKTI initiative” 
Peter Williams - Director, IORMA

“UKTI is pleased to be working with IORMA in creating new opportunities for UK businesses in key international markets. This is an exciting venture, and we will maintain that excitement as we roll out our campaign through 2014” 
Sue Bishop - Director, Services Groups

UKTI UKTI and IORMA would like to hear from:

Retailers who want to expand their business internationally through digital malls in one or multiple regions. We can provide details on how to get started. This includes:

  • Brands who already exporting through these digital channels
  • Digital experts who have specialist skills relevant to this area – web design, legal, logistics, social media selling and who are willing to share their experience to increase the digital capabilities of SMEs and our network

UKTI will soon be offering support to businesses to enhance their digital capabilities through its network of international trade advisers and new team of digital advisers.

IORMA (International Omni Retailing Markets Association) is working with UKTI to provide practical advice and support to enable businesses to achieve real, measurable benefit from Omni channel commerce. Visit the IORMA website for more information.

IORMA Contact: Barbara Walker, 020 7497 3215

For further information, please visit this UKTI website: To read this article on the IORMA website, please click here.