"Working with SEKO on a daily basis is a pleasure, based on their efficiency when it comes to transporting both our finished and returned goods in a timely and secure manner."

Timothy Finnegan - Leasing Coordinator

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Deploying a coordinated installation and reverse logistics program


For more than five decades, Instrumentation Laboratory has been leading the rapidly-evolving markets of clinical and in vitro diagnostic systems for hemostasis and critical care. The company's renownedmedical technology and laboratory equipment is used every day inhospitals and laboratories around the globe.


Benefits of the SEKO Solution

  • Reduces transportation costs by combining installation and reverse logistics coordination shipments into one
  • Increases customer service through time definite appointment deliveries
  • Reduces claims thanks to MedTec certified transportation
  • Provides visibility of all shipment and asset activity through MySEKO
  • Enables decontamination of refurbished units at MedTec hub locations
  • Includes field destroy, with environmental certification, for sustainable business


The Challenge

Instrumentation Laboratory required a more streamlined reverse logistics program which could be coordinated with the installation of finished goods deliveries, and which would also enable the business to improve service levels for customers including hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics.


The Solution

SEKO MedTec was selected to provide finished goods installations, and reverse logistics including decontamination and other specialized services. SEKO now manages all outbound shipments and return shipments to and from the Instrumentation Laboratory facility in Bedford, Massachusetts.

All time definite appointments are coordinated at each delivery location, using SEKO MedTec certified drivers to meet with the client. All units which are not field destroyed are also decontaminated by SEKO MedTec, before final delivery back to Instrumentation Laboratory as refurbished stock.


The Result

Instrumentation Laboratory is now able to concentrate on its core business by outsourcing and streamlining its finished goods and reverse logistics program to SEKO MedTec. As a result of the successful implementation of the program in the United States, Instrumentation Laboratory is now looking to make SEKO its global single source logistics provider around the world.