“Partnering with Seko has been extraordinary. They have cut our lead time on deployments to new accounts in half, resulting in a very favorable customer experience, by being able to set our customers up quickly.  We appreciate our relationship and the communication and service we receive."

Matthew Stark - National Sales Manager 

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Increasing point-of-sale presence to improve market penetration

Founded in 1988, Dippin’ Dots has reinvented one of the world's best-known treats by creating 'beads' of ice cream through the use of cryogenic encapsulation. Its products now have a home in thousands of locations worldwide, from theme parks, fairs and festivals to franchised store locations.


Benefits of the SEKO Solution

  • Decreases implementation cycle time, reducing lead-time to return on investment for point-of-sale assets
  • Increases product sales by improving speed to new markets
  • Improves retail location satisfaction through timely and professional delivery of display assets
  • Reduces inventory losses previously associated with perishable product arriving before installation of retail point-of-sale displays
  • Supports long-term product sales through customized seasonal storage and regular scheduled maintenance programs


The Challenge

Dippin’ Dots recognized nationwide opportunities to improve market penetration, by dramatically increasing its retail point-of-sale presence in major grocery, pharmacy and retail locations. But to make this possible, the company needed to get display deep freezers to market quickly, manage assets in the field, and ensure all displays conformed to strict marketing appearance and maintenance guidelines. After considering many providers Dippin’ Dots selected SEKO Logistics to support its growth strategy.


The Solution

At origin, SEKO has reduced transportation costs by consolidating LTL shipments into FTL regional deliveries to SEKO hub facilities. SEKO’s in-house training and quality managers also developed customized driver training and instructions, to ensure all marketing and food safety requirements were met in the field. The MySEKO portal was configured to provide visibility to all asset and supply chain information for Dippin’ Dots' logistics personnel, and pricing structures were simplified to enable accurate forecasting of costs while also improving overall service and sales. Lastly, SEKO created a customer satisfaction survey to ensure that high quality service delivery is maintained.


The Result

Dippin’ Dots improved its speed-to-market lead time by 50% and is poised to increase its retail sales locations significantly in the first year of the program with SEKO. The successes realized to date have enabled Dippin’ Dots to satisfy more retail outlet requests for displays, and to satisfy more customers than ever before.