An Introduction to SEKO MedTec in Europe, with Terry Allen

7月 24 2014

By Terry Allen

As Commercial Director for the new European Control Center here for SEKO MedTec in Galway, I'm delighted to be taking up an additional post as chief Blog writer for SEKO MedTec! We've been operational now since April in Europe and with the initial hard work out of the way, I thought I'd start by explaining what we do here, and what SEKO MedTec does for our clients around the globe.

Our MedTec headquarters are in Pennsylvania, and we have five dedicated distribution centres across the United States - plus our shiny new control centre here in Galway of course. From this network of locations we manage the movement and distribution of equipment and other goods for many of the world's top medical device manufacturers.

So that could be finished goods, demonstration equipment or returns and repairs - covering a range of both medical, as well as high tech disciplines. From ultrasound, surgery, anaesthesia, incubators, ventilators, x-ray machines, laboratory analyzers and dialysis equipment - to servers, towers, telecommunications and satellite equipment. On top of this, we also offer clean room manufacturing and kitting. So as you can see, it's quite an operation!

SEKO is growing rapidly in Europe, and one of the main purposes of the new Galway site is to support products flowing through Europe’s main logistics hubs. We'll be housing carrier network management, inventory control, quality and process engineering - as well as IT support and development, program management, packaging design and engineering, sales and market development, logistics co-ordination and our EU Call Center.

The medical industry is the second fastest-growing sector of SEKO's $600 million business, and this new Control Centre will enable us to extend our specialist suite of supply chain services to the MedTec industry in Ireland and across Europe. So I'm really looking forward to the challenge as we spearhead our expansion in the $500 billion medical device market.

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