"In a difficult market, the speed of delivery to our clients makes the difference between selling and staying on the shelf. The SEKO Warehouse Management Solution has allowed us to reduce delivery times by up to 48 hours, giving our sales team a tremendous edge over our competition."

Yvonne O'Meara - Product Manager
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Streamlining storage and delivery of all POS material

For more than 100 years, Kellogg's has worked passionately to help families be their best, starting with W. K. Kellog's belief in nutrition and dedication to wellbeing. And it all starts with breakfast. Kellogg's is always looking to provide new ways to make a positive impact on the people it touches every morning.

Benefits of the SEKO Solution

  • Total visibility of point of sale products through the MySEKO WMS Portal
  • Instant ordering of stock on-site through handheld devices
  • Providing same day pick/pack services for next day delivery
  • Reducing inventory and delivery costs, minimizing returns and errors
  • Significantly increasing speed to market and customer take-up
  • Providing a single solution for Kellogg's nationwide clients

The Challenge

Kellogg's customers vary in size and requirements from retail multiples through to corner-shops.To serve this diverse customer base, Kellogg's needed to improve the management and distribution of their in-store point of sale (POS) materials.  The solution needed to reduce traveling time for sales people, whilst offering a daily picking service and national distribution.

The Solution

SEKO worked collaboratively with sales and marketing to review and suggest improvements to the existing process. The solution comprised a multi-user warehouse with a dedicated account manager, supported by SEKO's Warehouse Management System (WMS). SEKO then implemented a reclassification of all stock keeping units (SKUs) with simplified codes, as well as designing a photographic product booklet to simplify choice for the customer.  Lastly, the product-ordering process was redesigned, to reduce errors, duplicates and returns.

The Result

The speed to market for POS materials improved by 60%, whilst inventory levels reduced by 35%. Kellogg's now has greater control of inventory and a faster turnaround time on orders, with reduced returns and lower costs.  With a versatile WMS, Kellogg's has easily integrated its Pringles POS into the system, allowing its own team to be used to market and merchandise both brands, saving on manpower, time and cost of delivery. Fewer deliveries are needed too, thanks to the introduction of drop boxes for the sales team - all of which makes the sales and marketing team very happy.