"Seko enables me to focus on building our company; the lean approach to my supply chain is effective and tailor made to our company needs."

Glenn Turn - Founder/Director
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Ensuring marine clients aren't left high and dry

DAN-MO is a leading Danish supplier of fresh water treatment plants and main engine parts, gears, pumps, oil-spill equipment and a huge variety of other marine-related supplies, for ship owners and managers across the globe.

Benefits of the SEKO Solution

  • Streamlined inbound freight, warehousing and outbound shipment processing
  • Improved turnaround times to enable DAN-MO to meet clients' needs faster, often in critical projects
  • Implemented a dedicated transportation team to create a collaborative partnership
  • Managing all import, export, customs and warehousing processes

The Challenge

DAN-MO needed a freight and logistics solution for inbound freight, warehousing and outbound shipments of marine equipment and spare parts. The solution needed to be cost-effective, efficient and highly flexible, as well as meeting its customers’ needs for immediate delivery.

The Solution

SEKO Denmark established a highly flexible logistics plan and assigned two dedicated contact representatives to DAN-MO. The inbound freight, warehousing and outbound shipment process was then streamlined and simplified with the installation of a dedicated logistics professional. A dedicated team now handles all import, export and domestic shipments, customs brokerage and warehouse management functions.

The Result

SEKO Denmark helped DAN-MO achieve improved turnaround times and to provide greater flexibility in meeting clients’ needs. Faster delivery times for much-needed equipment were achieved, something which is often a critical factor in the marine industry. Implementing a dedicated transportation team has also fostered interaction between SEKO and DAN-MO, building a stronger, more collaborative partnership.